Gates Of Nowhere – Version 1.5 Released

The new release 1.5 is out, you can find a detailed description below:

WINDOWS MR support

Time slow down while the inventory is open, so now it is easier to select a weapon/item during a combat.

Implemented a Difficulty level. You can choose it inside the GAMEPLAY option panel.

Now you can RUN, but be careful beacuse you can only do that while STAMINA is available. Check the STAMINA status by opening the inventory.

Now once a combined item is being used, the equipped weapon will reappear automatically in the hand.

Various bugfixes and improvements.

Gates Of Nowhere – Version 1.4.1 released

The new release is out, you can find a detailed description below:

Fixed a bug after the Training room, which caused a black screen.

Introduced the “Locomotion Speed” slider under the Gameplay options menu

Changed the saving method, now the ingredients are saved on checkpoint or if you quit the game between two checkpoints.

Various other bug fixes and improvements.

Gates Of Nowhere – Version 1.4 released

Below you can see the main features of the current release (1.4) highlighted. For a complete list of all changes, please take a look at RELEASE NOTES:

New enemy “The Sleeper” unlocked.

Bow and Arrow weapon improvement.

Now you have hundreds of available Save slot, simply type the desired name using the Virtual Keyboard.

Introducing the “Training Room”, we moved out the in game tutorial and now you can learn the basics of the gameplay and interaction inside this room.

Various bug fixes and improvements.

Gates Of Nowhere – Version 1.3 released

The new release is out:

We are approaching the final release of the game, and soon the story of your journey we’ll be revealed.

New Chapter Unlocked
The last chapter “INFERNO” is now unlocked, which completes the adventure.

New weapon unlocked
You can now play with the HAMMER. It can unleash a powerful explosion when it hits the ground.

New “big” enemies.

World interaction improvements
You can now interact with dynamic clothes.

Audio Improvements
We introduced Audio Spatialization, this should improve the audio immersion.

Various bug fixes.

Gates Of Nowhere – Version 1.2 released

2 new Alchemical Items unlocked
MIMESIS and GRAVITA are now available