Here’s a new release for you with a lot of cool features, take a look below for a detailed description:

We finally implemented a Full Locomotion system, so now you can simply click and hold the trackpad in order to activate it and then slide the finger on the trackpad to move. You can control the movement speed by sliding the thumb closer to the edge of the trackpad.
By default you have both locomotion systems available, so you can still use the Teleportation like it was in the last release, or you can move by using the Full Locomotion. You can also disable the Locomotion inside the Menu if you do not want to use it at all.

New weapons UNLOCKED
We unlocked 3 new weapons, MACE, AXE and the METAL SHIELD and you can grab them as soon as the enemies die and drop them off. So now you can play with 6 different weapons!

Dynamically switch items
You can now switch an item between hands, by simply clicking the trigger (pick up button) on the picked object and it will automatically switch over to the other hand. Keep in mind that in order to switch an object, the target hand must be free.

Introducing the Crafting System Workbench
This is not available yet, but now you can take a look at the room of the upcoming item’s Crafting System in which you’ll be able to build up to 15 different alchemical recipes to use in game. Take a look at the home page to see what’s coming next!

Sound fixes
We are still improving the sound. A major fix will hopefully come in the 1.1 big update.

We really hope that you’ll enjoy this release, especially the FULL LOCOMOTION. Please keep giving us feedback and help us improve the game.

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