Thanks to our community’s suggestions and feedback., we released the first Minor patch which will resolve some issues. Below you can find a detailed description:

– We changed the teleportation system to a more standard look. We removed the Avatar completely. Instead we added a more inconspicuous runic circle that will serve as the teleport target. The teleport has a maximum range of a few meters. Moreover we added a cooldown (a charging timer). Both these changes are needed for major gameplay features to work and can’t be removed. Please keep giving us feedback on this.

– The Torch will now have a reduced light when it overlapses with objects, along with a vibration feedback and deactivated shadows. This is to improve the visual impact when the light enters an object.

– You may now calibrate the Brightness of the game. We added the option to open or close the camera lens, giving you freedom to have the dungeon look brighter than before.

– We slightly changed the damage you do to enemies and the threshold of the movement required to deal it. You now need to hit harder to do more damage and very slow and short strikes will NOT be read as damage at all. This is just a quick fix to a small problem, a major overhaul of the combat system will come soon.

– Various Bugfixes

We really hope that you’ll enjoy the game, and keep talking with us in order to improve the experience.Thanks another time for your great support.

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